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Chem Lights...Where DO They Come From #vt1002014

Ever wonder where all those chem lights come from while you're running on the trail late into Saturday night and early Sunday morning?

Well, your dedicated Race Committee got together last night for a chem light stringing party!
There were string cutters, package snippers...

a bundler and a boxer (supervised by Skittle the Dalmatian!)
Next these lights will be given to ANOTHER dedicated group of volunteers for stringing on Saturday evening. All so you can safely find your way to the Finish Line.

So when you're looking up at the magical glow of these lights in the trees-think about all the VERY COOL  Vermont 100 Volunteers who have touched these lights!

A few reminders with 8 Days to go...
Izzy wants you to Volunteer for Race Weekend...
Help Help Help! 
In about a week, the 26th annual Vermont 100 Endurance Race will be happening. It'll be my 5th and final as the Race Director and I'm in need of a smidge of help! 
We need help: 
  • Friday 9am-7pm at and around our site in West Windsor. 
  • Saturday afternoon all the way through the night into Sunday at our finish line and finish area
  • aid station 5pm-10am
  • Sunday to eat BBQ and clean up the site 8am-2pm 
  • To wash and store everything on Monday 9am-3pm at our storage barn. 
We're really fun to work with, we'll feed you, you'll get an awesome t-shirt and you'll help me make my last year the best ever!!
If you or anyone you know could help us out,
PLEASE e-mail, even for a few hours!
Handler Guidelines and Crew Directions will be handed out on Friday July 18 at Race Registration from 9:30 AM-6:00 PM

Please read over our previous posts and share with family/friends and crew members:
Live Timing

Crew Rules for 2014

Gas, Food, Coffee, Ice

NON-CREW Spectator spots


See You In 8 Days for 
The 26th Annual 
Vermont 100 Endurance Run or Ride
Julia Hutchinson O’Brien
Race Director

Deb Shearer

A Benefit for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports Sports for Every Body

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