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Vermont 100 Endurance Run Updates #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VT #NH

100 Mile Registration
The100-mile registration filled quickly, you can sign up for the 100-mile wait list if you are still interested in running the 100 mile race. 

Registered Runners List and Wait List
We will post a list of the currently registered runners, as well as a prioritized wait list, in the next day or two. Please check back here, on Facebook and Twitter for the link.

The RD will be sending out an email soon to ALL registered 100 mile runners. If you registered last night and your credit card was charged BUT you did not receive a confirmation and you DO NOT receive an email from the RD, please feel free to contact her beginning Wednesday afternoon.

Our Apology
We had a minor registration glitch on Sunday night - and apologize for the inconvenience it caused anyone.  We will make sure this doesn't repeat when the 100 km registration opens on Sunday January 18 at 7 pm ET.

Registration for the 100 km opens on 
Sunday Jan 18 7 p.m. ET!  

Register for the 100 K to ensure a spot in July
Do you REALLY want to run with us in Vermont in July? YES...well then...
Register for the 100 K even IF you are wait listed for the 100 mile race! (You will not be charged twice!)
You will have a spot in the 100K race and if your wait list spot moves to the top of the list you can join the 100 mile race instead. Either way you'll be running with us!

Volunteer Forms
This year, we will be doing the volunteer forms electronically.  Expect further information on how to submit them in March.

Charity Runners Program
There is still room in the Charity Runners Program.  If you're interested in running the Vermont 100 this summer and are willing to help fundraise for Vermont Adaptive, please email the RD for more information about the Charity Program.