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A Note from Our Race Director #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Hello VT 100 Participants!
With only 4 weeks to go, I will have plenty of email reminders coming your way. I appreciate your time and patience to read each!
Today's email is to talk about drop bags. Our aid stations have changed a bit this year, so check the links below for the most up-to-date information.

100 K Aid Station List
100 Mile Aid Station List (Lists are subject to change)

As always, you can have a drop bag at any aid station that allows crews.

100 Mile runners can send drop bags to station numbers
5 (Pretty House/mile 21),
7 (Stage Road/mile 30),
11 (Camp 10 Bear #1/mile 47),
14 (Margaritaville/mile 58),
17 (Camp 10 Bear #2/mile 69),
19 (Spirit of 76/mile 76),
22 (Bill's/mile 88),
24 (Polly's/mile 95).

100 K runners can send drop bags to station numbers
11 (Camp 10 Bear #1/mile 9),
14 (Margaritaville/mile 20),
17 (Camp 10 Bear #2/mile 31),
19 (Spirit of 76/mile 38),
22 (Bill's/mile 50),
24 (Polly's/mile 57).

ALL DROP BAGS MUST BE IN PLACE AT SILVER HILL BY 6PM ON FRIDAY, JULY 17TH. Unfortunately we can not accommodate people postponed (even by emergencies or travel delays). If you arrive late, you will have to do without your drop bags.

Drop bags should be soft sided, waterproof and durable.

A small backpack or gear bag about 9” by 9” by 16” (or smaller) will be sufficient to get what you need to the stations without stressing our volunteer staff who has to move them all. Because they have to move upwards of 150 bags to each station, they will not accept unreasonably large or unwieldy ones.

Keep it simple. The more stuff you cram into your drop bag, the more valuable time you’ll lose rummaging through the unnecessary clutter to find what you really need.

MARK EACH DROP BAG WITH - LAST NAME, BIB #, AND AID STATION NAME. Aid station volunteers will organize the drop bags by bib # for easy organization and retrieval at aid stations. If you don't write your bib # or they can't read it, it'll likely get put in the 'unknown pile' and will be harder to find during the race.

As always, feel free to e-mail with questions! Happy training to all!

Amy Rusiecki