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Qualifying Races and Volunteer/Service Requirement, You have Questions-We Have Answers!

A note from the Race Director

1. Qualifying races - we've verified everyone who's registered. If you have an issue with your qualifying race, you would have gotten an email from the RD to resolve that issue. 

 (So, no email from RD = no problem.)

2. Volunteer/Service info is due on June 15th. Again, you will only get an email from the Race Director if there's an issue with your service, otherwise assume that you're ok. 

If you want to pay the buy-out fee, you can do so through the (and selecting the 'Volunteer Buy-Out') - we will match that to your registration.

Solo Status-update before July 1
Folks can access their registration information through and edit their 'Solo' status until July 1st. 

Extra Meal Tickets may also be purchased
through for Friday night pre-race dinner or Sunday post-race brunch until July 1st.

Thanks! See you All Soon!
-Amy, The RD