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We know that you're here to help your runner, we're glad that you're here and we support you. Our event is only able to continue as long as everyone involved is kind and courteous to the local residents and the volunteers who operate our aid stations.

This counts doubly for the crews. Crews are seen by our neighbors more than the runners and you have more of a chance to make an impact on the locals' impression of our event. Your positive attitude when dealing with locals and volunteers is imperative to the continuation of this event. 
All participants are allowed to have only 1 crew vehicle on course. 

All crew vehicles MUST check in with race personnel on Friday or Saturday before being on course or at any aid stations. Race officials will mark crew cars with runners bib # and record the crew cars license plate number.

Unmarked vehicles will be required to leave the course/aid station.

Crews who do not follow the handler direction routes laid out on our website and in the handler packet received at registration and use "closed to event traffic" roads risk having their vehicle removed from the event. 

Crews who do not follow the directions of race officials and aid station personnel risk having your vehicle removed from the event. 

Littering is taken seriously in Vermont and is grounds to have your vehicle removed from the event. 

Parking in undesignated areas will not be permitted. This is anyplace that the event doesn't specifically tell you to park. Do not block roads or driveways. Do not park on lawns! If you leave your vehicle in an unapproved area, it will likely be towed at your expense. 

Offering aid to runners from a vehicle anywhere other than an official "handler access" aid station is grounds to have your vehicle removed from the event and your runner disqualified. 

Being at an aid station that is not an official "handler access" station is grounds to have your vehicle removed from the event and your runner disqualified. 

Do not follow your GPS!
Follow the Handler Directions in your runner program available at registration.

Crew Car Check in Procedures 

All cars that will be crewing a runner in the VT 100 (Mile or K) must check in with Race Officials on Friday 9am-6pm or Saturday all day before visiting any aid stations.

Race Officials will be at Silver Hill to mark your car and take note of your name and license plate number. You will not be allowed in the aid stations if your car is not marked.

Please e-mail the Race Director with any questions about this policy -