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Vermont 100k Course Description - 2014

By Zeke Zucker The course starts on the road next to the Big Tents at Silver Hill Meadow, heading UP the hill.  The first 5 miles is on gravel roads, including a noticeable climb up Morgan Hill from 3.5 to 4.0 miles. Then plenty of down to Rte. 106 (which is paved).  Go 0.9 miles to Lillian's Aid Station at Long Hill Rd. and your 6.0 mile mark. From this point you follow the same exact route as the 100 Milers. 

You can go to the 100 Mile Course Description and read about the rest of the course from Lillian's, which is their 43.9 milemark. For any given mileage just subtract 37.9 miles to determine your own mileage point.

Vermont 100 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)