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 Hello VT 100 Participants!

Today, I want to touch base on a few changes for this year's event. So, if you've participated in the VT100 before, this is info for you!!!

Volunteer Service Update:
Before I get into that, I want to say that 76 of you still haven't input in your volunteer service information (and it was due 2 weeks ago).
That's a lot of people to track down - so 76 of you are making a lot more work for the race committee! Please either update your volunteer service info TODAY, pay the volunteer buy-out, or let me know if you aren't racing and that's why you haven't done your volunteering yet! To make it easier to report your volunteer info, I've set up a 'volunteer service information' category at the race registration website
( - use that to input your information!

Crew Vehicle Registration ONLINE or On Friday July 17 Registration Day
Likewise, you'll see a 'crew vehicle registration' category set up on the race registration site. If you plan to use a crew, you can pre-populate this information (until July 10th) to help streamline the crew vehicle registration. You will need to know the vehicle make/model and plate number, and a name and contact info for your crew chief. You can also give us this information on Friday when you check-in.

Now, onto the 2015 changes:
1. We have removed 4 of the unmanned aid stations (Vondell Reservoir/mile 35, Barr House/mile 40, Jenne Farm/mile 45, and Tracer Brook/mile 56). This will allow us to provide better aid at the remaining stations, and still ensures no more than 5 miles between aid station locations. If you've run before, be sure to know where these are so you're not surprised when you don't find water at these locations.

2. We have removed one of the crew stops at mile 61 (formerly Margaritaville). Don't worry, we moved the Frozen Fins to mile 59 (former Seven Sees), so you and your crew will still get to enjoy their festivities at Margaritaville. The mile 61 aid station will still be a manned aid station (now called Puckerbrush), however it will not be crew-accessible.

3. The Pretty House (mile 21) and Lillian's (mile 43) aid station have been moved around the corner from their previous locations. Just don't stress, there is still aid there!

4. You'll notice a few minor trail differences due to land owners and storm damage to the trails, the largest is a small (0.7 mile) stretch of road added before the Lillian's aid station.

5. The VT100 is aiming to become a cup-less race in 2016! This year, we're challenging folks to reduce the use of cups while at the VT100. Please carry a water bottle for use at the pre-race and post-race activities, and refill water bottles at aid stations (rather than using cups) as much as possible. Let's keep Vermont green!

6. All pacers will be required to check-in and obtain a pacer bib. Pacer registration will be available during registration (Friday) and on Saturday at the main tent.

7. We will have Tailwind (not Gatorade) as the energy drink at aid stations.

All for now. Keep training!!

As always, feel free to e-mail with questions!
We are looking forward to seeing all of you in a few weeks!
Amy Rusiecki
VT 100 RD