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Dear VT 100 Participants,
Today's update is about FRIDAY REGISTRATION:

Directions and Maps
YOU WILL ALL NEED THE ATTACHED ID PAGE TO ACCESS SILVER HILL. Print it and place it on your dash when you are driving to Silver Hill. Make sure that your crews, pacers, family, etc all have this page for their dashes.

(This does not give you access to aid stations, just Silver Hill.)

There will be many "closed" roads on the way to Silver Hill and you and your crews must stay off of them. Any road with a sign reading "closed to event traffic" "Local traffic only" "closed to through traffic" or "NO VT 100" is off limits to our event. Check for directions here:
The future of our event depends 
on everyone 
staying off closed roads!

Please remember that on any unmarked DIRT road in Vermont, the speed limit is 35mph. Silver Hill is very skinny and has lots of corners. Please drive slowly for everyone's safety!

When driving and parking at our Silver Hill site, please remember these things: 

Always obey the signs!

Never park in the road!

Always enter up and drive down in parking areas.
All of our parking is in grassy fields. With any amount of rain, they can become very slick and then very muddy.
Every field has an entrance at the TOP and an exit at the BOTTOM.

Stay out of the mud!! The mud is deeper than you think here! If it rains and mud appears in the field, do not drive in it. You will get stuck and make it worse. Go around!


YOU need to pick up your packet and check in with medical (weight, blood pressure and a chat) BEFORE the 4pm runners meeting.

YOUR CREW needs to register their vehicle. They can do this while you are in line for packet pick up or med check. All they need is to know your bib number. Crew Vehicle Registration will be in the field across Silver Hill Rd from the main tent. Watch for the signs as you drive down Silver Hill. During registration, we will:

· Mark the crew car with your runners bib number

· Give the crew an official dash plaque for AID STATION ACCESS

· Give the crew directions to the aid stations

· Take note of the crew car make, model and license plate number

· Take note of the name and a cell phone number of someone in the crew

Crews will not be allowed to park in the aid stations if their car is not marked.
Crews will not be given directions to the aid stations if they do not register your car.
(You can speed up the crew registration process by entering the necessary information at the 'Crew Vehicle Registration' at  prior to July 13th.)
If your crew requires alternative directions (i.e. they will be skipping Pretty House and want to go directly to Stage Road), they can get these by talking to a race official - they will need to show the crew vehicle plaque to obtain these directions.


Also, we suggest that crews bring a head lamp and an additional flashlight for reading the handler directions and following reflective signs.

And bug spray, lots and lots of bug spray!

We open for registration at 10am, come as early as you can and enjoy VT if you have extra time.

The Brownsville General Store is only a few miles from Silver Hill and they have a great deli for lunch time!

As always, feel free to e-mail with questions!
Amy Rusiecki
VT 100 RD