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New 100 Km Womens Record Set #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

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Ben Kimball/North East Race Photo
 Congratulations Emily!
On Sunday a NEW 100 Km Course Record was set by Emily LeVan from Randolph Center, Vermont by cruising to a 1st place overall finish in the race. The previous record was set in 2013 by Dawn Hamel with a time of 11:32:36. LeVan shaved over an hour off the old record with a time of 10:08:52.

Also Congratulations go out to Neela D'Souza. She ran to a 1st Place Solo and second place overall with a time of 10:21:35 (also crushing the previous record!)
Photo Courtesy: 
Photos By Nanci/Nancy Nutile-McMenemy

We are glad to honor two amazingly strong ladies!

Top 10 100 Km Finishers
1   445 Emily LeVan W42 Crewed 10:08:52
2   426 Neela D'Souza W37 Solo 10:21:35
3   449 Brian Marshburn M36 Solo 10:44:46
4   428 Chris Eaton M32 Crewed 10:49:46
5   423 Josh Dick M35 Crewed 10:52:19
6   434 Scott Gregor M28 Solo 10:53:40
7   416 Brett Coapland M39 Crewed 11:15:42
8   431 Erik Glover M35 Solo 11:16:23
9   411 Chris Benjamin M39 Crewed 11:27:02
10 469 Serena Wilcox W36 Crewed 11:28:00

Congratulations to ALL our competitors!
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