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Sorry No Live Timing This Year #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Folks, we've had a few questions about Live Timing/Athlete Tracking and we thought it best to put the answer out for all to see.

From RD, Amy:
Yes, the past two years there has been an attempt at runner tracking/live far as we could tell, it was problematic and sporadic with the reporting, due to cell phone coverage, therefore it wasn't done well. We aren't doing it this year, we would rather not do it unless we can do it successfully. We do hope to figure this out for future events.

That said, please remember to download or print hard copies of any information you find you might need on course. (The Brownsville General Store does have WiFi and there is 4G AT&T in and around the Town of Windsor-put most places on course are spotty or dead zones!)

See you all soon!
Racer Check-in Opens at 10 a.m.--someone get me some COFFEE!