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Welcome Back Three Time Gold Sponsor-Salomon #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Salomon is BACK!

We are so happy to announce that Salomon is returning, for the third year, as our GOLD Sponsor!

From their website:

Please join us in thanking 
for their continued support of 
the Vermont 100!

Welcome to Our New Silver Level Sponsor-Tailwind Nutrition #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

We are so excited!
Will Be Available 
At Our Aid Stations!

From their website:

Fed up with feeling bad on race day, I set out to make a simple, tasty endurance drink with complete energy, electrolytes, and hydration. It was my secret weapon for awhile, until other Leadville racers and friends in our hometown of Durango, CO started catching on. They had great results too and kept asking for more, and Tailwind Nutrition was born.

We’re a nano-sized family business, coming at nutrition from an endurance athlete’s perspective. We love helping customers dial in nutrition and hearing their awesome success stories. I hope you'll give Tailwind a try and share your story with us!

-Jeff, Tailwind founder
 Welcome aboard Tailwind, thank you for your support!

VT100-We Need Volunteers for Set-up and Break Down #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

 We Need YOU!
 Please share
We are looking for...
Volunteers for Thursday set up and Monday tear down

We are looking for a dozen folks to help with set-up on Thursday 7/16 or take-down on Monday 7/20. 

No experience necessary, just a willingness to lend a hand! 

Please share with your network - even an hour or two would be a big help to lighten the load! 

Email if you are interested!

Calling All Doctors, Nurses, PRNs, EMTs-Volunteer for The Vermont 100 #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Medical Personnel We Need YOU!
Please share
We need nurses, EMTs, doctors, anyone with a medical training background to help at our medical stop aid stations. 

If you or someone you know might be interested in lending their skills, please email us at

Medical volunteers will help evaluate runners as they come through the aid station, and clear them to continue. 

We also need people to record vitals for all runners (so some medical experience is helpful, but you do not need to be a MD, RN, or EMT.) 

Please share with your network!

A Note from Our Race Director #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Hello VT 100 Participants!
With only 4 weeks to go, I will have plenty of email reminders coming your way. I appreciate your time and patience to read each!
Today's email is to talk about drop bags. Our aid stations have changed a bit this year, so check the links below for the most up-to-date information.

100 K Aid Station List
100 Mile Aid Station List (Lists are subject to change)

As always, you can have a drop bag at any aid station that allows crews.

100 Mile runners can send drop bags to station numbers
5 (Pretty House/mile 21),
7 (Stage Road/mile 30),
11 (Camp 10 Bear #1/mile 47),
14 (Margaritaville/mile 58),
17 (Camp 10 Bear #2/mile 69),
19 (Spirit of 76/mile 76),
22 (Bill's/mile 88),
24 (Polly's/mile 95).

100 K runners can send drop bags to station numbers
11 (Camp 10 Bear #1/mile 9),
14 (Margaritaville/mile 20),
17 (Camp 10 Bear #2/mile 31),
19 (Spirit of 76/mile 38),
22 (Bill's/mile 50),
24 (Polly's/mile 57).

ALL DROP BAGS MUST BE IN PLACE AT SILVER HILL BY 6PM ON FRIDAY, JULY 17TH. Unfortunately we can not accommodate people postponed (even by emergencies or travel delays). If you arrive late, you will have to do without your drop bags.

Drop bags should be soft sided, waterproof and durable.

A small backpack or gear bag about 9” by 9” by 16” (or smaller) will be sufficient to get what you need to the stations without stressing our volunteer staff who has to move them all. Because they have to move upwards of 150 bags to each station, they will not accept unreasonably large or unwieldy ones.

Keep it simple. The more stuff you cram into your drop bag, the more valuable time you’ll lose rummaging through the unnecessary clutter to find what you really need.

MARK EACH DROP BAG WITH - LAST NAME, BIB #, AND AID STATION NAME. Aid station volunteers will organize the drop bags by bib # for easy organization and retrieval at aid stations. If you don't write your bib # or they can't read it, it'll likely get put in the 'unknown pile' and will be harder to find during the race.

As always, feel free to e-mail with questions! Happy training to all!

Amy Rusiecki

Reminder-Crew Rules! #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Please Share with Crew, Family and Friends!

We know that you're here to help your runner, we're glad that you're here and we support you. Our event is only able to continue as long as everyone involved is kind and courteous to the local residents and the volunteers who operate our aid stations.

This counts doubly for the crews. Crews are seen by our neighbors more than the runners and you have more of a chance to make an impact on the locals' impression of our event. Your positive attitude when dealing with locals and volunteers is imperative to the continuation of this event. 
All participants are allowed to have only 1 crew vehicle on course. 

All crew vehicles MUST check in with race personnel on Friday or Saturday before being on course or at any aid stations. Race officials will mark crew cars with runners bib # and record the crew cars license plate number.

Unmarked vehicles will be required to leave the course/aid station.

Crews who do not follow the handler direction routes laid out on our website and in the handler packet received at registration and use "closed to event traffic" roads risk having their vehicle removed from the event. 

Crews who do not follow the directions of race officials and aid station personnel risk having your vehicle removed from the event. 

Littering is taken seriously in Vermont and is grounds to have your vehicle removed from the event. 

Parking in undesignated areas will not be permitted. This is anyplace that the event doesn't specifically tell you to park. Do not block roads or driveways. Do not park on lawns! If you leave your vehicle in an unapproved area, it will likely be towed at your expense. 

Offering aid to runners from a vehicle anywhere other than an official "handler access" aid station is grounds to have your vehicle removed from the event and your runner disqualified. 

Being at an aid station that is not an official "handler access" station is grounds to have your vehicle removed from the event and your runner disqualified. 

Do not follow your GPS!
Follow the Handler Directions in your runner program available at registration.

Crew Car Check in Procedures 

All cars that will be crewing a runner in the VT 100 (Mile or K) must check in with Race Officials on Friday 9am-6pm or Saturday all day before visiting any aid stations.

Race Officials will be at Silver Hill to mark your car and take note of your name and license plate number. You will not be allowed in the aid stations if your car is not marked.

Please e-mail the Race Director with any questions about this policy -

One Month Until Race Day! A Few FAQs

updated June 17, 2015

The Courses
1. How will I follow the race route during the day?
The courses will be marked with 10” diameter yellow plastic pie plates, with bold dark black arrows indicating go right, left or straight. The standard for a turn will be one arrow plate 50 to 100’ before the turn. Two plates at the turn and another plate 50 to 100’ after the turn. On some stretches you will see Confidence plates. This is a smaller, 7” plate with a large C on it, to assure you that you are still on the course.

2. How will I follow the race route in the dark?
There will be green glow sticks (chem.-lites) marking the route.

3. How much of the 100 Km. course is the same as the 100 Mile?
The 100 Km. course also starts at Silver Hill Meadow, but takes a different route. The runners do 5.6 miles in getting to Lillian’s Aid Station, which is the 43.3 Mile aid station for the 100 Milers. From that point to the end the two courses are identical.

4. Will the strictly 100 Km. portion (the first 5.6 miles) be marked differently from how the 100 Mile is marked?
Yes. It will be marked with LAVENDER pie plates, but only until it joins the 100 Mile course, at which point everyone will follow Yellow plates.

5. Are the trail sections rocky?
For the most part, no. There will be some roots, small rocks and ruts, so pay attention and pick up your feet. We have driven or run all of the trails and cut downed trees and tossed limbs and branches, but some can fall the evening before or the day of.

6. Where do the courses go?
The 100 Mile goes thru parts of 9 towns in a three lobe cloverleaf pattern. The 100 Km goes thru parts of 6 towns on the latter two cloverleaf ‘lobes’

7. Are the courses hilly?
Yes, indeed! This is Vermont!

8. What is the total vertical for the 100 Mile? For the 100 Km?
Approximately 14,000’ for the 100 Mile and 9,000’ for the 100 Km.

Elevation Profile

9. What percentage is: gravel road/ trail, jeep rd./ paved?
For the 100 Mile:             67.5% / 27% / 5.5%
For the 100 Km.              67.5% / 31% / 1.5%

Directions & Handler Stations
Directions to handler aid stations will ONLY be available at the Crew Car Registration on Friday, July 17th and Saturday, July 18th. Please DO NOT use GPS you may end up on a class 4 road/trail!

10. How do I get to Camp Ten Bear (from Silver Hill)?
See the Handler Directions

11. How do I get to Silver Hill (from Camp Ten Bear)?
See the Handler Directions

12. How many Handler aid stations are there?
8 for the 100 Mile and 6 for the 100 Kilometer

13. Where are the Handler aid stations?
See the Handler Instructions

14. Where can I park at the Handler access aid stations?
Where the Handler Directions and/or station personnel tell you.
15. How long does it take to drive to the first Handler Station?
42 minutes will get you there in plenty of time to set up for your runner

16. How long does it take to drive to the other Handler Stations?
See the Handler Directions

Weather and Celestial Items
(Please check out our Weather Forecast at the bottom of this page)

17. What time does the sun come up?
approx. 5:26 a.m. Saturday and 5:27 a.m. Sunday

18. What time does the sun set Saturday evening?
approx. 8:25 p.m.

19. How cool/cold will it be at the start of the 100 and overnight Saturday?
It is usually in the 50’s, but could be in the 40’s or 60’s

20. How warm/hot will it get on Saturday and Sunday
It is usually in the 70’s, but could be in the 60’s, 80’s or 90’s.

21. Will it rain during the races?
It could and has but on average does not. We’ll give you the latest weather forecast at the pre-race briefing.

The Schedule

Please view our GUIDELINES page

Map of how to get to Silver Hill Meadow Click here

22. When does the 100 Mile start?
4:00 a.m. Saturday

23. When does the 100K start?
9:00 a.m. Saturday

24. What is the cutoff time for the 100 Mile?
10:00 a.m. Sunday

25. What is the cutoff time for the 100 Km?
5:00 a.m. Sunday

26. When and where will the pre-race briefing be held?
3:45 p.m. Friday in or near the main tent

27. When and where is the pasta dinner Friday evening?
Immediately following the pre-race dinner. approx 4:30 p.m.

28. When and where is the post-race barbecue?
In the main tent at 10:30 a.m. Sunday

29. When are the awards?
Following serving of the barbecue on Sunday (about 11 a.m.).

30. Should I take a flashlight for the start of the 100 Mile?
Yes, a small inexpensive one, that you can afford to discard

31. Should I wear regular (non-trail) running shoes?
We suggest trail shoes but you could get by with road shoes

32. Should I carry a water bottle or hydration pack for the race?

33. Should I carry two water bottles for the race?
Not if you have a hydration pack. Yes, if the weather is above 85 degrees and you anticipate taking over 28 hours to complete the run. The greatest distance between aid stations is 5 miles (occurs 3 times). Slower runners will take close to 1.5 hours for 5 miles.

34. What kind of energy drink will be provided at the aid stations?
Tailwind Endurance Fuel

35. What kind of food will be provided at the aid stations?
The standard ‘buffet’ of chips, fruit, M&M’s, cookies, ginger candy, P.B.&J. and turkey sandwiches, baked potato chunks. Soup, broth, coffee, tea or hot chocolate at some stations after dark. Burgers and Dogs at Camp Ten Bear. Grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup at Spirit-of-’76. Possibly cheeseburgers at Margaritaville.

36. Can I get basic first aid supplies, such as band aids, at the aid stations?
Yes, at all of the manned aid stations.

37. Can I get electrolyte caplets at the aid stations?
Yes, at all of the manned aid stations.

38. Can I get energy gels at the aid stations?
Normally no. When using your own gels, please hold the wrappers and dispose of them at the next aid station. Do not discard on the roads or trails. We pride ourselves on being Green.

39. Will the horses run over me?
No. They really want to slow down to your pace.

40. Do the horses start at the same place the runners do?
Yes, for the 100 Mile ride, but an hour later. There are also 75 and 50 mile rides.

41. What should I do if a horse wants to pass me?
Talk with the rider and step aside, if asked to.

42. What should I do if I want to pass a horse?
Talk with the rider and wait until he/she says it’s OK. At night, in particular, talk to the rider as soon as you’re within earshot; until it knows you are a human, the horse will be frightened.

43. Where can I get medical attention?
The medical center is at the main tent. Minor aid can be obtained at one or more of the handler stations if an EMT is present. Otherwise we have ham radio communication with all of the Handler Stations in order to connect an injured runner with medical personnel.

44. Are there mandatory medical checks?
Yes, at Camp Ten Bear (mile points 47 and 69.4) and at Bill’s (mile 88.3).

45. For what reason(s) would the medical personnel stop me from running?
For significant weight gain or loss or other obvious physical demise.

General and Miscellaneous

46. Where can I get ice and other supplies?
At the following country stores: South Woodstock, Teago, Downers, Taftsville, Hartland, Brownsville, Watroba’s in Reading and at Mac’s Market or Maplefields in Woodstock (see the map below)

47. Where can I find a pacer? You can request one via our website at:
Once you get to Registration, look for John Bassette in the yellow "West Point" baseball cap at the main tent.

48. Can I provide assistance to my runner at other than the Handler aid stations?
No, it is not allowed, and can be grounds for runner disqualification.

Map of how to get to Silver Hill Meadow Click here
49. Where exactly is the start?
The 100 Mile start is between the main tent and the adjacent road at Silver Hill Meadow, with runners heading down the road. 100 K’ers start at the top of the hill. ,and go in the opposite direction.

50. Where exactly is the finish?
For both races it is out behind the main tent, over where there’s an opening in the trees, and a little ways into the woods.

51. Have there been any course changes?
Yes, we’re back to the original (2011) course, going through Taftsville Bridge, returning the ‘missing’ mile after Pretty House, and running up around the top of Blood Hill a mile from the finish.

52. How fast will the winners run the races?
For the 100 Mile, the men in about 15.5 hrs and the women in about 17.5 hrs.
For the 100 Km, the men in about 9.5 hrs and the women in about 11.5 hrs.

53. What will race officials be wearing?
They will be wearing light blue shirts that say Race Official.

54. What is VASS?
Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, a non-profit,volunteer based organization which provides competitive and recreational athletic opportunities, equipment and instruction for people with disabilities. Your entry fee and all money raised during the event goes directly toward provision of these services.

55. What do I need to know regarding Local Resident Sensitivity this year?
Our race depends on our neighbors!

The local landowners are extremely tolerant of us every year. We have been asked to reduce traffic and noise around the race course. We absolutely must keep the noise down at Silver Hill Meadow (our race start and finish) and keep event-related vehicles off of some specific roads. In an effort to make this event comfortable and safe for everyone, there will be road closures with signage that say
Closed to all event vehicles
Road Closed; local traffic only 
Road Closed to other than local residents
Violation of these closures could easily result in the termination of our Event. Please be acutely aware of this situation and spread the word.

We have revised the routes for participants getting to Silver Hill (see directions above), and the routes that Handler Crews will use in getting to and between the various authorized Handler Access Aid Stations, in order to avoid the off-limits roads.

A Benefit for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports Sports for Every Body
updated June 17, 2015

VT100 100 Mile-What's It Like? #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Vermont 100 Mile Course Description - 2015

Updated June 17, 2015

By Zeke Zucker In a nutshell (Executive Summary, if you will), the course is going up or down most of the time with only a few stretches that are flat. Equal ascent/descent of approximately 14,000'. Some of those hills, primarily on the 68% which is smooth gravel road, are quite steep. 27% of the course is on single track trail or jeep road, with only a small amount of that being lumpy. Basically the footing is quite good overall. About 5% is on 7 short segments of paved road, with the longest of those being 2.5 miles long. The last 30 miles are rather challenging.

Now, for those who crave more detail, here's a run-on sentence description:

In the first few miles you have some early trail up then down leading to an extended climb up Densmore Hill and Garvin Hill Rd. Runners will then head down and over the Taftsville Bridge to the Taftsville Aid Station.

You're on gravel roads and a trail section that climbs gradually with a little undulation. After Pretty House handler station at 21, it's paved, then gravel, then jeep roads up to Sound-of-Music Hill at about 27 miles. The view up there is fantastic at one of the highest points of the course (1,946')! The course then goes across meadows, down trails and more meadows to Wild Apple Rd. (700' elev. loss) and a long easy downgrade gravel road to Stage Rd. handler station at 30. Runners then head down a paved 1/3 mile stretch on Rte. 4 then up a steep grassy trail for a half mile and onto wooded single track behind Suicide Six Ski Area. Cross Rte. 12, some gravel roads, dirt roads and trail sections down to a pavement 1/3 mile on Rte. 4 and cross Lincoln Covered Bridge. One of the toughest hills takes you 2.5 miles up Fletcher Hill Rd., then hill & dale roads until you get down to Rte. 106 at about 44 miles.
The 100k racers join in here. Exactly a mile of paved moderate uphill, then back onto some climbing single track/horse trails until you get to Jenne Rd. Up some, then a sweeping down and up and soon a nice downhill stretch into Camp Ten Bear (the first time) at mile 47.

Out of Camp 10 Bear there's a half mile hump that connects you to a 22 mile-long loop. Some road, then meandering trail and Agony Hill – a lumpy steady uphill grind to the halfway point, then on gravel again to Pinky's. Cross Tyson Rd. and it's class 4 dirt road for 2 miles of easy upgrade to Birminghams at about mile 54. Cross a big field into the woods and snowmobile trails, up and down and out onto gravel for a nice 2 mile downhill breather to Tracer Brook. Hairpin turn and now facing mostly uphill for 9 miles. First 3 are the steepest and only a few level sections. 1.3 miles after Brown School House (about mile 65) there's a rewarding 3.5 miles of downhill, then that hump again and Camp Ten Bear again, where pacers join up.

In your planning keep in mind that the last 30 mile chunk is challenging, with a number of trail sections and short, steep uphills. Just out of Camp Ten Bear, there's a half mile level trail then ¾ mi. fairly steep up Heartbreak Hill on bumpy, usually wet jeep road. A mile of easy grade gravel and first up and down on 2 miles of trail, then back on road at Seabrook at about mile 74. Road then single track up and down and up a steep gravel driveway to Spirit-of-'76 handler station (which is at approximately 76 miles). Head out onto 1.5 mi. of up and down trail, then 10 miles of uninterrupted road, more than half of it down, and then a couple of steep roller coaster ups in the last mile to Bill's at about mile 88. Single track in woods up, then down, and out onto a long, somewhat bumpy grassy downhill on the edge of a big meadow. At the bottom enter onto Hewitt Hill Rd. for a good mile of uphill, then Hunt Rd. shorter and steeper up and then down and flat. Just before mile 93 you hit Marton Rd. , which is very steep up for the first ¼, then not quite so steep, then better before Pond Rd. and Pond trail, somewhat up and lumpy for another ¾ mi. Exit onto gravel for ¾ mile to Polly's (mile 95) handler station. Short down then pretty steady up on smooth roads for 2.2 mi. Back on trail up for 0.9, hump road for 0.4, then veer off to the right for the last half mile of undulating trail. It then goes down and levels out to the finish at Silver Hill Meadow.

When folks ask me how hard this course is, I tell them it doesn't have the high elevation or rough footing like other 100's out west or down in the southeast, but it certainly does have hills.
In the words of Devon Crosby-Helms, the 2008 women's winner: "Vermont ain't no joke!"

Vermont 100 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

VT100 100K-What's it Like? #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Vermont 100k Course Description - 2014

By Zeke Zucker The course starts on the road next to the Big Tents at Silver Hill Meadow, heading UP the hill.  The first 5 miles is on gravel roads, including a noticeable climb up Morgan Hill from 3.5 to 4.0 miles. Then plenty of down to Rte. 106 (which is paved).  Go 0.9 miles to Lillian's Aid Station at Long Hill Rd. and your 6.0 mile mark. From this point you follow the same exact route as the 100 Milers. 

You can go to the 100 Mile Course Description and read about the rest of the course from Lillian's, which is their 43.9 milemark. For any given mileage just subtract 37.9 miles to determine your own mileage point.

Vermont 100 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

VT 100 Service Requirement Due Today! #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH


Service Requirement

  Each participant is required to document 8 hours of qualified service. The requirement may be met in the US or abroad at ANY ultra event of 50K or longer. Officially recognized trail maintenance of any 50K or longer race or local, state or national trail system that encourages recreation is also ALWAYS accepted. The VT 100 will usually accept time volunteered to youth running teams or clubs and any program that directly engages folks with disabilities in recreation.

The service must take place during the 14 months before the race. The VT100 service requirement form will be submitted electronically through Information on how to submit your service requirement details will be available after registration.

All acceptable service must be completed prior to June 15th. In the event that you are unable or unwilling to meet this requirement, you may instead pay a $150 service buyout fee. This can be paid on our online registration site or by check. The fee is due by the same June 15th deadline.

We have updated the RunReg page, so you can now report your volunteer service.

New this year, you will electronically submit your volunteer service information. There are two ways to access your personal RunReg registration page:

1. When you registered, you got a confirmation email that contained a link to your personal registration info.

2. If you have a runreg user name, you can log in to that and access your info.

Either way, once you're into your registration page, you will scroll down to "Editable Entries" select on "Edit Entry" and you will see your original sign up screen.

If you registered for the VT100 as a guest, then you will have trouble getting into your registration information.  You'll need to go back to your confirmation email (from when you registered) and there should be a link there to access your VT100 registration info.  If you can't find that email, then the Race Director will resend it to you from

Once you've access your personal registration page, you can:
- input your service information (once completed) until June 15th

VT100 Course Profile-Can You Do It? #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

We know you've been waiting to see this...

Download a MAP here.
Thank you Keith Knipling!

If You Missed Our Post Last Week...
Publish a Course Map 
Out of respect for our landowners!
They generously let us cross their property
During Race Weekend

A Benefit for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports Sports for Every Body

VT100 Horses-Yup They Are On Trail With Us! #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Please Share with Your Endurance Horse Friends!

From their website:

Welcome to the Vermont 100 and Moonlight in Vermont 50/75 Endurance rides.

This ride is the only 100 mile ride where over 300 ultramarathon runners and endurance riders use the same trail at the same time.

Because of our new traffic patterns and camp setup there will be people available to park you.  Please conserve space and respect our volunteers. Please refer to the “site map” for specific parking areas. There are no trees to picket to, please come prepared with temporary fencing.

The runners start at 4AM and the 100-mile horses start at 5AM.  The 75-mile horses start at 9:15AM. There will be a 100K run starting at 9AM.  The 50-mile horses will not be starting until 2PM in the afternoon.  Since 75 mile and 50 mile horses will not be starting until later these horses may want to be camped near each other so the horses have company. Dogs are not to be left in camp unattended, please have your dog on a leash.

Ride packets can be picked up Friday from Noon – 4PM at the white house on the top of the hill. Crew directions will be posted on the web approximately 2 weeks before the ride date.  They will also be available in the ride program received at check in.  Only ONE crew vehicle allowed per rider (we would appreciate it if anyone pairs up).  We will be marking and registering your crew vehicle.


DO NOT USE GPS. Only use the directions provided to you by ride management, they are precise and will keep you out of trouble.

The farriers will be available at 2PM. Vetting is from 2-4 PM on Friday. Locals are free to go home and return on Saturday.  If you cannot have your horse presented to the vets at that time, special arrangements for vetting after 7PM needs to be made with the ride manager.

All riders must be wearing helmets when mounted.  Any horse remaining in camp during the ride must have someone available to care for it.  All riders must wear lighted gear front and rear for the night portion of the ride.  ALL horses pulled need to be cleared at the treatment barn before leaving camp.

Please bring your water containers filled.  If the field is wet, you cannot get to the pond.  There is an ample water hose available across the road near the white house.  Water tanks at the finish line are for the finish and 50 mile stop and go only!

The trail is not open for pre-riding.  Pre-riding information will be available when you arrive.
  • A nightly noise curfew will be in place at Silver Hill. It will be 10pm on Friday night and 11pm on Saturday night. No cheering after this hour. Sorry.
Riders and crews are responsible for following the marked routes and deviations.
Please take the time to read any signs.  It is a good idea to carry a flash light for the night section of the trail.  You read better with light!
Please conserve water, fill your tanks and refill at the following places.
  • Hose at Silver Hill barn, across road from camp.
  • South Woodstock Fire House has a hose between the doors. 
  • Kedron Valley Stables - Rte 106 just north of South Woodstock.
Water on trail:  Landowners put out tanks and hoses, RIDERS keep your eyes open for these, use the hose on your horse.  We ask them to put tanks in visible spots. 

Volunteers: We need volunteers, be part of an amazing event, the only 100 mile in the country where horses and people ride/run the same trail at the same time. We need: scribes for vets, timers, pulse takers, trail markers and unmarkers, horse ambulance drivers, water crews, parking people. Contact Jenny Kimberly

Ride Manager:  Jenny Kimberly
Ride Secretary: Jo Steele

A Benefit for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports Sports for Every Body

Help Out A VT100 Runner-Sign Up To Pace! #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Like to Run
Sign Up To 
Pace A Vermont 100 Runner 

If you are a runner who would like to be matched with a pacer, we take requests on a first come first served basis. Please click on the link above and answer a few questions to insure the best possible match. We cannot guarantee that we will find you a pacer, but we will do our best. Note: If you have your own pacer, you do not need to fill-out a form (or even notify us). This is only for those who would like us to find them a match.
If you would like to sign-up as a pacer and have us match you with a runner, please click the link above and answer a few questions to insure the best possible match. We cannot guarantee that we will find you a runner, but we will do our best. Note: If you have your own runner to pace, you do not need to fill-out a form (or even notify us). This is only for those who would like us to find them a match.

For more information please visit: Pacer Info Page

VT100 Needs You-Volunteer For Race Weekend! #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

The Vermont 100 is looking for  
 To help out During Race Weekend 
And Before!
July 12-20

Volunteer opportunities include:
Packing food boxes days before the race
Setting up aid stations (Friday night)
Setting up the start/finish (Thursday, Friday)
Serving food and good cheer at aid stations (Sat. through Sun am)
Checking the runners in at the finish (Sat. pm through Sun. am)
Cleaning up after the awards ceremony (Sun pm)
Amateur radio operators (Sat. a.m. through Sun. am)
There are so many different things to help out with
we will find a use for your special skills!!

Please sign up today on our handy web form, or contact our volunteer coordinator, Meghan, at: 

Hope To See You Race Weekend!
You REALLY Will have a Fun Time Helping Out!!
Bring Your Family and Friends!!!

Course Map-Not Posted Why? #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

An Elevation Map is available for your viewing but we DO NOT publish a course trail map out of respect for our landowners.

Remember most of this race crosses private property. The landowners graciously permit us one weekend a year to run through their woods and fields.

Maps are not published so folks won't pre-run the course and further disturb our neighbors.

We hope the elevation map will give you an idea about what this race course covers.
Thanks for your understanding!

Vermont 100 Race Guidelines #VT1002015 #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

27th Annual
Vermont 100 Endurance Race  

updated June 25, 2015

TRAIL DESCRIPTION - The course starts and finishes at Silver Hill Meadow. It is a "shamrock" loop, consisting of 70% dirt or jeep roads with the rest on woods trails (there are a couple miles of pavement). The course both climbs and descends 14000 - 15000 feet. The normal temperature in Vermont in July is 80-85 during the day and 55-65 at night (but anything can happen).

Silver Hill Meadow - Silver Hill Meadow is part of an old family farm located in the hills above Brownsville VT. The VT 100 was very fortunate to be invited to use this area for the VT 100 starting in 2004. Parking and all other signs must be carefully observed.  Please do not litter there. No dogs are allowed at Silver Hill Meadow, except service animals, which should be marked as such. A limited number of campsites are available from Friday morning to Monday noon.


Friday, July 17th, 2015
Camping at Silver Hill Meadow opens. Portable toilets will be available.
Check In 10 a.m. -3:45 p.m.
Pre-Race Briefing 4 p.m.
Pasta Dinner-immediately following the briefing approx. 4:30 p.m.

PRE-RACE CHECK IN from 10:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. - all runners must submit to a physical exam which will involve checking vital signs and weight in running gear. This is not a complete physical. Runners must show evidence of adequate training and be knowledgeable about stress factors of prolonged exercise in adverse conditions.

RUNNERS AND CREW BRIEFING MEETING at 4 PM - Attendance at this meeting is required for all runners, handlers and pacers. We will review trail conditions, aid and medical station locations and procedures and any special situations. This is the time to get your questions answered.

PASTA DINNER - Served in the main tent at Silver Hill Meadow immediately following the pre-race briefing approx. 4:30 p.m.

Saturday, July 18th 2015
100 mile Race
100 Mile runners must check in with timers between 3 and 3:45 AM.
100 Mile RUNNER START  - 4AM

100 K Race
100 K runners must check in with timers between  8 and 8:45 AM.

Sunday, July 19th 2015
Course Closing Times
100 K Race
100 K course closes - 5:00 A.M.

100 Mile Race
100 Mile course closes - 10:00 A.M.

Post Race Brunch/Lunch
BBQ Served at 10:30 a.m at Silver Hill Meadow

Awards Ceremony - At Silver Hill Meadow, starts approx 11 a.m..
  • All 100 mile runners finishing in less than 24 hours will receive a VT 100 belt buckle.
  • All 100 Mile finisher between 24 and 30 hours will receive custom designed coaster.
  • All 100 K runners finishing under the 20 hour limit will receive a custom designed coaster.
  • Solo Runners will also receive an award
 General Race Rules and Information
  1. Runner numbers must be worn on the front and outside of whatever clothes you are wearing. If we cannot see your number we cannot score you at the aid stations. It is the responsibility of the individual runner to make sure that your number has been noted and you have been checked in at all manned aid stations.
  3. Any runner dropping out must immediately notify appropriate race personnel at an aid station or the finish line .                                                         
  4. Cutoff times at Medical Stations are non-negotiable.
  5. All runners will abide by the directions of Medical personnel.
  6. All pacers will be required to check-in and obtain a pacer bib prior to being allowed on course.
  7. Runners who get lost during the race must return, without assistance from others, to the spot where they left the trail to continue.
  8. Any runner accepting a ride for any reason is deemed out of the race.
  9. No aid is allowed from a vehicle. Crews must be outside the vehicle and at an acceptable location when assisting a runner.  This includes pacing a runner from a vehicle.
  10. No aid or assistance is allowed other than at designated handler access stations. Race officials have the right to disqualify any runner who does not abide by this rule. Handlers take note!
  11. No vehicle shall follow a runner at night, assisting with headlights.
  12. No "muling" (pacers carrying runners gear.)
  13. Pets are not allowed at aid stations or Silver Hill Meadow, except service animals, which should be marked as such.
  14. The use of headphones or personal speakers (ipods, mp3 players, walkmans, radios, etc) is prohibited. Their use presents a major safety hazard and can result in disqualification.
  15. We discourage the use of "trekking poles". Their use will result in disqualification only if race officials deem such use to be hazardous.
Violating any rule will be grounds for disqualification. Race management reserves the right to bar any runner from competing in this or any future Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Race.

Race Parking
All parking signs must be followed. No parking is allowed in driveways or in the road at Silver Hill Meadow. All parking at handler access stations must be out of traffic and must not block roads or driveways. Handlers must follow directions of aid station personnel.

No pacer parking is allowed at Camp 10 Bear. A shuttle will be provided from Silver Hill Meadow.

Trail Markings

The trail is marked with yellow plastic plates with black arrows. There are smaller plates marked with a 'C' to indicate the course between the larger arrow plates. Lime is used on the road to mark certain intersections. Glow sticks are used to mark the trail at night. Unfortunately, vandalism does occur - we have crews checking during the night but be cautious.

Running the trail

While running the trail runners are allowed to set their own pace as long as they are out of the following check points by the times noted.

These Cutoff Times are for the 100 miler
# Name Cutoff Time
5 Pretty House 10:20 a.m.
7 Stage Road 1:00 p.m.
11 Camp 10 Bear 6:00 p.m.
14 Margarittaville 9:30 p.m.
17 Camp 10 Bear 1:00 a.m.
22 Bill's 6:30 a.m.
24 Polly's 8:40 a.m.
100K cutoffs click here

At mandatory medical checkpoints (#s 11, 17, 22) every runner must be weighed before hydrating. Weight loss of 6% (of check in weight) will result in a warning and the runner will be observed before continuing. Weight loss of 7% will result in disqualification.Medical Check Point Requirements

Drop Bags 
Extra supplies may be left at check-in on Friday before 6 p.m. for delivery to the following aid stations: #5, 7, 11, 14, 17, 22, and 24. Supplies must be in a durable, soft sided, clearly marked bag with the runners bib number and station to be delivered to. Bags can not contain glass of any kind and large, hard sided totes or bins will not be accepted. Most drop bags will be returned to the finish line by noon on Sunday .


Aid Station Info (Lists are subject to change)

Above all please have a safe 100 miles.
Enjoy the beautiful sight and sounds of Vermont.

Please remember to thank the volunteers. 
They make this all possible.