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Meet Our VT100 Charity Runner-Matt Klein #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Meet Our 2016 Charity Runners
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We've invited our Charity Runners to tell us a little about themselves...

Matt Klein

Before I get into the “why” let me just express my gratitude that you’re on this page.

This July I’m going to be competing in the Vermont 100 mile ultra-running marathon and I could use some help. As many of you know, running is something that I'm incredibly passionate about as it's helped to change my life for the better. It's also provided me the ability to help others through my blood, sweat and tears.

Here’s the why - When I reflect on how I got to this point, there are clearly moments that are “life altering” as I like to say. There’s the obvious – like relationships and children – and then there are some that are not so clear at first glance. For me, the Vermont 100 is one of those moments (actually, more like 24+ hours of moments strung together ;-)

I first participated in this race in 2014. The race itself, and what the body and mind go through over a day’s worth of straight running, is hard to define and articulate. But more so, I was incredibly moved and humbled by Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports - a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to recreational and competitive athletic training, equipment and support for individuals of all ages who have disabilities.

The VT 100 is one of Vermont Adaptive’s biggest fund raisers. Without race participants, volunteers and sponsors, Vermont Adaptive would not be able to provide access to: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, hand cycling, tandem biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, hiking, camping and other adventure weekends to their participants!

Today I'm grateful to have the ability to even attempt to run 100 miles. It's not lost on me that there are people out there for whom simply walking can be a challenge. Please consider donating what you can to help Vermont Adaptive continue to provide youth and adults with disabilities a measure of self-confidence and independence through adaptive sports programs and activities.

Thanks for any help you can provide.