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This Just In-Vermont 100 News #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Hello runners!
I hope you are all training up for this summer's Vermont 100 and are as excited to run as the race committee is to have you come run!

I just wanted to touch base with a few announcements.

First, after a lot of thought (and input from numerous participants), we are excited to announce that we will be giving belt buckles to all 100 mile finishers. *

In keeping with the tradition recognizing the magic of finishing 100 miles in less than a day, sub-24 hour runners will receive the same buckle as last year (which is a larger size).

Runners that finish the 100 mile between 24 and 30 hours will receive a similar but smaller buckle.

Second, just a reminder that the official cut-off date for folks who want to withdraw from the race (and still get a partial refund) is June 1st. Please let us know if you don't plan to race this year - there are folks on the wait list that are anxious to run instead!

See you all in July! 58 Days!!!
-Amy Rusiecki

*we'll be updating our website pages soon to reflect this change!