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REMINDER-Vermont 100 Service Requirements Due BEFORE June 15th #VT100 #ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT

Each participant is required to document 8 hours of qualified service.

The requirement may be met in the US or abroad at ANY ultra event of 50K or longer.

Officially recognized trail maintenance of any 50K or longer race or local, state or national trail system that encourages recreation is also ALWAYS accepted.

The VT 100 will usually accept time volunteered to youth running teams or clubs and any program that directly engages folks with disabilities in recreation. [Please note that crewing or pacing a runner at an ultra is NOT considered volunteering!]

The service must take place during the 14 months before the race.

The VT100 service requirement form will be submitted electronically through Information on how to submit your service requirement details will be available after registration.

All acceptable service must be completed prior to June 15th.
In the event that you are unable or unwilling to meet this requirement, you may instead pay a $150 service buyout fee. This can be paid on our online registration site or by check.
The fee is due by the same June 15th deadline.

After acceptance into the Vermont 100, runners can self-report their volunteer service electronically. In early February, a registration category labeled 'Volunteer Service Information' will be available on the VT100 site. Enter your volunteer information under that category. You must have (1) date you volunteered, (2) where you volunteered, (3) what you did to volunteer, (4) number of hours you volunteered, (5) name and contact information for whoever you volunteered for.