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A Note From Our Race Director #VT100 #vermont100

From Amy's Desk...

Runners -
Hard to believe that it's nearly race time! Start lists have been posted online here:

Please check your registration!
- If you owe volunteer service information, either email the Race Director at or purchase the volunteer buy-out at the race registration site.

- If you need to declare or change your solo division status, please email the Race Director.

- If you are not assigned a bib number, it is because you owe qualifier race information. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RUN WITHOUT THIS!Email details about your qualifier race to the Race Director, otherwise you will not be assigned a race number.

- Some runners are going for a special buckle this year (500 mile, 1,000 mile, etc.). If you believe you could earn one this year, please email the Race Director so we know!

- Lastly, please check that your name is spelt correctly, and your gender and age is accurate.
With all of these items, is is MUCH EASIER to deal with this now rather than at the race, so please email the Race Director with any issues.

A Few NEW Things

Today, I want to touch base about a few changes to this year's race. If you've participated before, here's what might be different this year. If you haven't been here before, then this is all just good info to know:

1. We are now a cup-less race! As you learned when you registered, we will not have cups at this year's event (with the exceptions of some hot cups at the later aid stations, because chicken broth in a water bottle is gross!). Be prepared to have something to use for fluids at throughout the weekend (at aid stations, and during registration and Friday night dinner) - whether you refill your water bottle or carry a reusable cup. And remind your pacers/crew that they will likewise need a cup or waterbottle to use at the event.

2. Runner Packs ONLINE We are also trying to reduce the amount of paper we use at this year's event, so runner packets will be available online. This includes crew directions to aid stations. We hope to have this posted by this weekend. We encourage everyone to download the runner packet to your phone, or print out the relevant sections.

3. Crew Vehicles Crew vehicle registration will be slightly different this year. No marking the vehicles! Crew vehicles will be issued a rear view mirror tag that they must display in order to be able to access the crew access points. You will get this when you pick up your race number.

4. Pacer Bibs Pacer bibs will be slightly different this year. Every runner is assigned one pacer bib (with the runner's number on it). Pacers must check in at Silver Hill on Friday or Saturday to sign the pacer waiver and pick up their bib. If you have more than one pacer, they will hand off the bib when they hand off pacer duties.

5. Two Sizes of Belt Buckles! As was announced earlier this year, all 100 mile finishers will earn a belt buckle. There is a larger buckle for the sub-24 hour finishers.

6. Trail Changes There are a few minor trail changes this year - most notably (for folks familiar with the course) just past the Spirit of 76 aid station, there is a few miles different than the previous course.

7. Sidewalks/Walking Paths At Silver Hill, as well as at a few aid stations, there will be sidewalks set up. You can cross the roads at the designated crossing areas, but no where else, and please do not walk down the road - use the sidewalks. Silver Hill Road, as well as other roads throughout the race, are public roads and are still open to traffic throughout the event. Spectators and crews are reminded to stay out of the roadways!

As always, feel free to e-mail with questions! We are looking forward to seeing all of you in a few weeks!
Amy Rusiecki
VT 100 RD

If You see someone wearing this shirt...

Be sure thank them-we couldn't do this race without them!!

And Thanks to Our Landowners! Without their permission to cross their lands there would be NO VERMONT 100!