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Information for Our Handlers and Crew Members 
Please Share this information with your handlers and crew!

We know that you're here to help your runner, we're glad that you're here and we support you. Our event is only able to continue as long as everyone involved is kind and courteous to the local residents and the volunteers who operate our aid stations. This counts doubly for the crews. Crews are seen by our neighbors more than the runners and you have more of a chance to make an impact on the locals' impression of our event. Your positive attitude when dealing with locals and volunteers is imperative to the continuation of this event.

Directions and Maps

100 mi and 100 km Aid Station Lists 
(with hard Cut-off times) 
(Stations are Subject to change)

Aid Station List 100 mi and 100 Km with Hard Cut-offs

100 Mi Aid Stations

100 Km Aid Stations

Handler Guidelines
Handlers are not allowed to park anywhere other than locations posted and allowed by race management.

  1. All participants are allowed to have only 1 crew vehicle on course. 
  2. All crew vehicles MUST register with race personnel on Friday or Saturday before being on course or at any aid stations. See procedures below.
  3. Unmarked vehicles will be required to leave the course/aid station.
  4. Crews who do not follow the handler direction routes and use "closed to event traffic" roads risk having their vehicle removed from the event. 
  5. Crews who do not follow the directions of race officials and aid station personnel risk having your vehicle removed from the event and your runner disqualified. 
  6. Littering is taken seriously in Vermont and is grounds to have your vehicle removed from the event. 
  7. Parking in undesignated areas will not be permitted. This is any place that the event doesn't specifically tell you to park. Do not block roads or driveways. Do not park on lawns! If you leave your vehicle in an unapproved area, it will likely be towed at your expense. 
  8. Offering aid to runners from a vehicle anywhere other than an official "handler access" aid station is grounds to have your vehicle removed from the event and your runner disqualified.
  9. Being at an aid station that is not an official "handler access" station is grounds to have your vehicle removed from the event and your runner disqualified.
FOLLOW ALL POSTED SPEED LIMITS. In some locations it is 25 or 30 mph. The local police know ‘visitors’ are in town and are quick to ticket.

Be aware that there are also horses running the course, so drive slowly in their presence. If the roads are dusty, slower speed means less dust that runners, horses and riders have to breathe.

NO LITTERING Historically it’s the handlers who are the biggest offenders. Take it, don’t leave it!

Dogs are not allowed  (Service animals are allowed) at Silver Hill Meadow or at any of the Handler Access Aid Stations.

If your runner drops from the race, THE RUNNER OR CREW MUST NOTIFY RACE PERSONNEL AT ONCE. In the past, many man-hours have been spent searching for ‘lost’ runners who were not lost.

You may NOT travel on any road that has a "local traffic only" or Road Closed" sign. Traveling on these roads can result in your runner being disqualified and the VT 100 not being allowed to return to our venue next year.  

You MUST treat any locals you encounter in the area with respect. Whether it's another car, a pedestrian or a tractor on the road these people live here year round and it is your responsibility to make sure that you are making a good impression on them. Our ability to hold the event again depends on it!  

Do not follow your GPS! The Handler Directions found in your crew handbook at Crew Car Registration are perfect and will get you where you need to go. KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!

Detailed Directions will be posted as the Race Weekend gets closer!

There are 9 locations at which you will be able to meet your 100 Mile runners along the course. The last 7 are where support crews can meet their 100K Runners.


In your runners packet there will be a Handler Vehicle Identification Tag which must be used at all times. Cars on the course must be kept to a minimum so you need to follow the handler directions from one authorized station to the next.

Please don’t try to shortcut using your GPS; there are very bad, impassable roads that your device won’t know about. At a few particularly tricky locations there will be supplementary signage, including red 10” plastic plates with white reflective arrows. to get you to the aid station.

Please be very friendly and considerate to everyone on the course and do not park on lawns or in driveways. The future of the race is totally dependent upon the people whose properties we run through so BE CONSIDERATE, BE FRIENDLY AND HAVE FUN.

(Please review the Runner's Handbook)
Note: In order to follow these directions more easily, we suggest you keep resetting your trip odometer for each segment. In a couple of instances we have included such a reminder. Please keep in mind that car odometers vary, so the included distances may be “off” by a tenth or two. We also suggest, right now, crossing out that which does not apply to you depending on which race you are supporting. Handlers would be well advised to carry a good flashlight in order to help spot road signs along the route, and a headlamp for reading these directions in the dark and for walking to and from aid stations in the dark.

Thanks for your cooperation!
We hope everyone will have a GREAT Weekend!

Please print out these documents!

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