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It's Official-The Vermont 100 is a UTMB Qualifying Race

Vermont 100 mile and 100 Km qualify for for the 2017 "Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®"
100 mile race is worth 6 points
 100 km race is worth 4 points

Questions, please contact Amy, our Race Director:

Good Luck to ALL The Boston Marathon Runners

The Vermont 100 Race Committee wishes 
ALL the runners today a great race!

Vermont 100 Qualifier and Volunteer Forms-Please Fill Them Out Online

Folks, Be sure to fill out your:
Qualification Requirement
In order to compete in the 100 MILE event you must have completed a 50 mile qualifying race in 12 hours or less. The Race Director will also accept a 100 K finish in 15 hours or less in place of a 50 Mile finish. Your qualifying race must have been completed between January 1, 2016 and June 1, 2017.
If you have completed a 100 Mile race in 30 hours or less between July 1, 2015 and June 1, 2017 you do not need an additional 50 mile qualifying race.

If you have not submitted your qualifying races Name, Date and Time by June 1, 2017, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO RUN.

ALL 100 mile Runners must submit their race qualifier form here.

(There is no qualification requirement for the 100 K event.)

And your
Volunteer Service Form
All runners must complete 8 hours volunteer service, or pay the Volunteer Buy-Out fee, prior to June 15th. More information on the volunteer service requirement is here.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. We have over 350 athletes whose information must be checked and cross-referenced.

If you have questions, contact the RD at

Vermont 100 Race Start Lists are Posted

RACE DATE July 15-16, 2017
Time: Saturday 100 mile-4 a.m. 100 Km-9 a.m.

Folks, we've posted the start lists for the 29th Annual Vermont 100 Endurance Ride and Run.  Information will be updated approximately every two weeks, so be patient after you submit your updated information.  If your volunteer or qualifier information isn't accurate, please submit information via the submission forms.  If you'd like to change your solo or camping status, or if you are going for a special buckle this year, please email the RD at

Questions? email