The Vermont 100 Endurance Race is one of the original 100 mile runs in the USA and a part of the Grand Slam Series of Ultrarunning. Each year, 300 runners attempt to finish this hilly race over beautiful Vermont back roads and trails under the 30 hour cutoff point, and a well-trained few finish in under 24 hours. The race proceeds support Vermont Adaptive.

VT 100 Mi Description

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Vermont 100 100 mile Description

Printable 100 mi Description

Date: July 15-16, 2017

Time: 4:00 a.m. - 30 Hour Limit

Entry Fee: $250.00

In order to compete in the 100 MILE event you must have completed a 50 mile qualifying race in 12 hours or less, or have otherwise met the qualification requirement below.

Volunteer Service
All runners must complete 8 hours volunteer service, or pay the Volunteer Buy-Out fee, prior to June 15th. More information on the volunteer service requirement is here.

Qualification Requirement
All 100 mile participants must meet the qualifying requirements prior to June 1st. More information on the qualification requirement is here.

Team Run 2 Empower
The Team Run 2 Empower  provides guaranteed entry into the Vermont 100 (100-mile or 100 km race), plus raises additional money for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports. There are limited slots, to be filled on a first come/first serve basis, however spots are currently available. Please contact the Race Director (at if you are interested in participating in the Team Run 2 Empower.

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Map to Silver Hill Site

Event Schedule

Aid Station List 100 mi and 100 Km with Hard Cut-offs
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100 mi Aid Stations: There will be 25 aid stations with a variety of food and drinks. There is good access for handlers at designated stations. Pacers only will be allowed the last 30 miles. Pacers (pacers only, not handlers) are allowed anytime throughout the course for those 60 years and above.

Race Menu

Awards: Buckles to finishers under 24 hours, and under 30 hours.

Lodging: There is a limited amount of free camping right at the race site from Friday morning through Sunday noon. Local camping and lodging facilities can be searched easily on the web. You will be notified if you requested camping and did not get a spot.

Course: The course starts and finishes at Silver Hill Meadow. It is a "shamrock" loop, consisting of 70% dirt or jeep roads with the rest on woods trails (there are a couple miles of pavement). The course both climbs and descends 17,000 feet. The normal temperature in Vermont in July is 80-85 during the day and 55-65 at night (but anything can happen).

Elevation Profile

100 mile Description

Vermont 100 Mile Course Description By Zeke Zucker

In a nutshell (Executive Summary, if you will), the course is going up or down most of the time with only a few stretches that are flat. Equal ascent/descent of approximately 14,000'. Some of those hills, primarily on the 68% which is smooth gravel road, are quite steep. 27% of the course is on single track trail or jeep road, with only a small amount of that being lumpy. Basically the footing is quite good overall. About 5% is on 7 short segments of paved road, with the longest of those being 2.5 miles long. The last 30 miles are rather challenging.

Now, for those who crave more detail, here's a run-on sentence description:

In the first few miles you have some early trail up then down leading to an extended climb up Densmore Hill and Garvin Hill Rd. Runners will then head down and over the Taftsville Bridge to the Taftsville Aid Station.

You're on gravel roads and a trail section that climbs gradually with a little undulation. After Pretty House handler station at 21, it's paved, then gravel, then jeep roads up to Sound-of-Music Hill at about 27 miles. The view up there is fantastic at one of the highest points of the course (1,946')! The course then goes across meadows, down trails and more meadows to Wild Apple Rd. (700' elev. loss) and a long easy downgrade gravel road to Stage Rd. handler station at 30. Runners then head down a paved 1/3 mile stretch on Rte. 4 then up a steep grassy trail for a half mile and onto wooded single track behind Suicide Six Ski Area. Cross Rte. 12, some gravel roads, dirt roads and trail sections down to a pavement 1/3 mile on Rte. 4 and cross Lincoln Covered Bridge. One of the toughest hills takes you 2.5 miles up Fletcher Hill Rd., then hill & dale roads until you get down to Rte. 106 at about 44 miles.

The 100k racers join in here. Exactly a mile of paved moderate uphill, then back onto some climbing single track/horse trails until you get to Jenne Rd. Up some, then a sweeping down and up and soon a nice downhill stretch into Camp Ten Bear (the first time) at mile 47.

Out of Camp 10 Bear there's a half mile hump that connects you to a 22 mile-long loop. Some road, then meandering trail and Agony Hill – a lumpy steady uphill grind to the halfway point, then on gravel again to Pinky's. Cross Tyson Rd. and it's class 4 dirt road for 2 miles of easy upgrade to Birmingham's at about mile 54. Cross a big field into the woods and snowmobile trails, up and down and out onto gravel for a nice 2 mile downhill breather to Tracer Brook. Hairpin turn and now facing mostly uphill for 9 miles. First 3 are the steepest and only a few level sections. 1.3 miles after Brown School House (about mile 65) there's a rewarding 3.5 miles of downhill, then that hump again and Camp Ten Bear again, where pacers join up.

In your planning keep in mind that the last 30 mile chunk is challenging, with a number of trail sections and short, steep uphills. Just out of Camp Ten Bear, there's a half mile level trail then ¾ mi. fairly steep up Heartbreak Hill on bumpy, usually wet jeep road. A mile of easy grade gravel and first up and down on 2 miles of trail, then back on road at Seabrook at about mile 74. Road then single track up and down and up a steep gravel driveway to Spirit-of-'76 handler station (which is at approximately 76 miles). Head out onto 1.5 mi. of up and down trail, then 10 miles of uninterrupted road, more than half of it down, and then a couple of steep roller coaster ups in the last mile to Bill's at about mile 88. Single track in woods up, then down, and out onto a long, somewhat bumpy grassy downhill on the edge of a big meadow. At the bottom enter onto Hewitt Hill Rd. for a good mile of uphill, then Hunt Rd. shorter and steeper up and then down and flat. Just before mile 93 you hit Marton Rd. , which is very steep up for the first ¼, then not quite so steep, then better before Pond Rd. and Pond trail, somewhat up and lumpy for another ¾ mi. Exit onto gravel for ¾ mile to Polly's (mile 95) handler station. Short down then pretty steady up on smooth roads for 2.2 mi. Back on trail up for 0.9, hump road for 0.4, then veer off to the right for the last half mile of undulating trail. It then goes down and levels out to the finish at Silver Hill Meadow.

When folks ask me how hard this course is, I tell them it doesn't have the high elevation or rough footing like other 100's out west or down in the southeast, but it certainly does have hills.

In the words of Devon Crosby-Helms, the 2008 women's winner: "Vermont ain't no joke!"

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