The Vermont 100 Endurance Race is one of the original 100 mile runs in the USA and a part of the Grand Slam Series of Ultrarunning. Each year, 300 runners attempt to finish this hilly race over beautiful Vermont back roads and trails under the 30 hour cutoff point, and a well-trained few finish in under 24 hours. The race proceeds support Vermont Adaptive.

Race Information

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The Vermont 100 is a CUP-LESS race.

Race Course
We do not publish our course map because most of the course is on private property. Our generous landowners give us two day permission to cross their properties and we are so grateful! Please DO NOT pre-ride or pre-run.

100 Mile Description
The Vermont 100 is limited to the first 350 entrants, and after that runners may enter the waitlist. As registered runners drop from the race, the top runners on the waitlist will automatically be entered into the race.  Being registered for the 100 mile does not mean that you may switch to the 100km.  You will still need to enter the 100 km waitlist if you wish to change events.

100 Km Description
The 100km is limited to the first 75 entrants, and after that runners may enter the waitlist.  Being registered for the 100 K does not mean that you may switch to the 100 Mile. You will still need to enter the 100 Mile wait list if you wish to change events.

Athletes with Disabilities Division

Directions and Maps
Directions to Silver Hill  
Map to Silver Hill Site
Download these documents. Our cell service is spotty at best!
New directions and map to the race site have been added. All participants, and associated crews, must follow these directions, as there will be road closures if you try to access the site from other directions.

Race Registration
Go to Registration page for information on registering for either the 100 Mile or 100 km race.

Service Requirement


Printable Race Information

Race Guidelines - Trail descriptions, rules and regulations, and general schedule. Subject to change.
Printable Race Guidelines

Event Schedule 
Printable Event Schedule 

Race Start/Bib Numbers
Entrants List

NOTE-If you registered for the VT100 as a guest, then you will have trouble getting into your registration information. You'll need to go back to your confirmation email (from when you registered) and there should be a link there to access your VT100 registration info. If you can't find that email, then the Race Director will resend it to you from

Once you've access your personal registration page, you can:
- update your 'solo runner' status until July 1st
- request a camping spot, if needed

Solo Division
Printable Solo Division Rules

The Solo Division is recognition of runners who do not use a crew or pacer. Anyone participating in the Solo Division must be registered as a solo participant by July 1st. You can edit your Solo status in your registration information. Entering the Solo Division means you will not have a crew or pacer for the race.

Runners Handbook

During the Race:
Medical Checks
Medical Information - Information on the medical checks we do before and during the race.

Aid Station Page
Printable 100 Mi Aid Stations
Printable 100 Km Aid Stations
 with Hard Cut-offs
(Lists are subject to change)
(Stations are Subject to change)

Race Weekend Schedule

Race Menu
The Vermont 100 has been described as a "100 mile long buffet table". Here's an idea of what we plan to serve at the Vermont 100, subject to change.

Drop Bags 
Drop Bags 101
For Information about what to bring and how to pack a drop bag.

Sign-up to be a pacer here
Runners request a pacer here
Pacer information here
Printable Pacer Info

Crew Guidelines/Rules
Crew Guidelines
Guidelines for all your crew and friends following you through the race. New Handler Directions and guidelines are included in the Runner's Handbook.
NOTE-Handler Directions are different from previous years so you must use the new version.

Non Crew Spectating

Suggested viewing on course for NON-CREW

Extra Meal Tickets
Extra meal tickets for friends, family pacers, etc. can be purchased at our registration site even after you have registered.
Your Bib is Your Meal Ticket!

Other Race Information
Race Sponsors

Vermont 100 Endurance Ride
YES! You'll be running with horses.
Access to the Area - Lodging suggestions and a list of area airports, plus how long it takes to get to the race starting point from each airport.

Gas, Ice, Food

Photo Gallery
Selected snapshots of the racers

Vermont 50 Mountain Bike or Ultra Run

Our website is migrating to: Our "old" pages will be "live" until after the race so you won't miss any important information. 

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Who's Registered

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