The Vermont 100 Endurance Race is one of the original 100 mile runs in the USA and a part of the Grand Slam Series of Ultrarunning. Each year, 300 runners attempt to finish this hilly race over beautiful Vermont back roads and trails under the 30 hour cutoff point, and a well-trained few finish in under 24 hours. The race proceeds support Vermont Adaptive.

Race Testimonials

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2016 Testimonials and Comments

Eliminate the hills! Just kidding! It wouldn't be Vermont without them!!!

Very well run event! I was happy to come back 8 years later and redeem my first attempt. I LOVE running with the horses and think that is what makes this race so special.

This is an amazing event. I truly appreciate all the effort given by so many to accommodate the runners. Thanks you!

My first 100 miler and overall it was a great experience. Course markings, aid stations,and volunteers were all incredible and clearly was organized by ultra/trailrunning experts. The guy at Bill's who kept repeating "if you want to finish this race, get some food and get out of here" was awesome and kept us from lingering in the dry barn for too long. Clearly he knew how we were feeling and offered some very needed tough love. The course is challenging but GORGEOUS and I really enjoyed seeing all the towns in the area.

The new parking/crew set up at Camp Ten Bear is awesome! In the lodging question: add Air BnB to the choices. Overall, keep up the good work. This event is truly amazing. Thanks for all you do.

I voted Bill's as best aid station based on input from my crew. I was having stomach issues as stated before, so though aid stations are usually a favorite thing of mine to peruse and give high praise for, I don't think I'm in the position to judge them appropriately this time. However, my crew said hands down Bill's was best organized-they called out the bib # and someone immediately went to get the corresponding drop bags, they had a "chute" of tiki torches to guide you in; ramen; and apparently were cooking up tasty burgers for crew/volunteers/pacers. Also the dropbags were apparently lined up in order of bib# sequentially, which also sped up the process (though full disclosure, I didn't have a drop bag). You know what, I take prior statement back-best aid station I experienced was last manned station with hot chocolate that was so thick and creamy-who knew I'd be drinking hot chocolate during a monsoon in the middle of a hot July in VT?!

Ice cream pre- or postrace dinner please. Thank you for awarding running shorts to 100-mile finishers -- finally a schwag I can really use and will run -- and race in -- with pride! More running shorts next year, or maybe a special VT100 running singlet to finishers.

Keep up the amazing work...I wanted to give a shout out to the VASS volunteers...they really upped their game from last year to this! And HUGE kudos to Amy and the race committee for an amazing job on such a massive event!!!

I really appreciated the Guest speaker from Vermont Adaptive. Whenever I needed to draw strength during a tough time at the race I thought about the benefactors of the race and how many "rough" days they've had. It really put it all in perspective.

The communication and being at the finishing line were outstanding. The first time I did the race, no one knew I finished cause the people manning the area were in the tent. Having the RD Amy there, plus others, was really great! And added a happy feel to my accomplishment - thanks!

I liked that the race backed off of the required in race medical checks.

Reiterate to crews and pacers that Lincoln Covered Bridge is NOT a crew access point, we turned several crews away trying to crew thier runners and explained they could be DQ'd. Also, only issue was transport shuttle from start finish to 10 Bear was without a driver at one point. We drove on our own. Small problem. The event was awesome as usual and can't wait until next year.

Keep the ice cream truck!

Best race experience ever. Thank you so much for such an awesome weekend!!!!

This race just gets better and better - awesome job director and coordinators!!!

We need to develop some way to provide directions for crew who don't go from aid station to aid station. My wife had to return to our hotel and I was very concerned she would get lost at night trying to return. I understand why you won't publish a map. Perhaps a list of easy to find waypoints that crew could navigate off? I'm not sure the solution but the issue was more concerning for me than anything during the race. Thank you again for such an amazing event, and great job.

2015 Testimonials and Comments

Thanks again for a great race! I can't imagine the level of effort you and your team put in to make this happen! Thanks for giving back, and please pass along my congrats to your entire team for a job well done. - Jim R

Dear Amy,
Thanks for letting me in the 100km race. I had a great time in Vermont and so did my husband Chor Kin LAW. The race was very well organized and the volunteers in the check points and aid stations were all very helpful. We had all our needs from the aid stations even we don't have any crews. Well done to the organizing team. The race course was very well-marked, very easy to follow even for us as outsiders who knew nothing about the race course.
All in all, a great experience for me and Chor Kin. Can't say enough thank you. Wish you every success in your future races. Hope we can come back to this great event in the future.
Ida & Chor Kin

Thanks for the longest and toughest run of my life. I had a blast. The course was well marked, the volunteers were kind and thoughtful, and the organization detailed and thorough.
Thanks again!


Hi Amy,
Even though I didn't finish my first 100 miler, didn't anticipate that the downhills would destroy my quads, ended at Camp Ten Bear, it was worth the experience. I will definitely be back next year & complete what I started, just need to train for those hills.

You put on an incredible race, with every detail thought out so well, it was an absolute pleasure to participate. The volunteers that were involved in every aspect of the race did a fabulous job. At the aid stations the volunteers couldn't do more to help the runners & with such a pleasant manner, it made all of us feel a little fresher as we went on our way to the next destination. Aid stations were fully stocked with everything we needed, whether it be fluid, food, salt tablets, etc., we were well taken care of.

You must be exhausted, hopefully you'll get some well deserved rest after all the hard work you put in to present a perfect race.

Again thank you, & I'll see you next year. Tom O

Hi Amy:
Many thx for directing a great race! You and your team did an incredible job ! It's a tremendous amount of work and I and many others are very grateful -
Further, I appreciate your wiliness for me to drop to the 100k a few months ago when i sprained my ankle - you didn't have to do that and i'm very grateful - to this end, how do I donate $500 in your name for the Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports? I'm a pediatric neurosurgeon by trade and the person that spoke about his daughter at the Friday 4pm meeting was truly touching and heartfelt -
Many thanks again for all your help. Good luck with your racing as well!
-Tony A

Thank YOU Amy
 I already completed the survey, but also wanted to thank you directly.

Awesome - awesome job!! Congratulations on putting a great event together for us!! Everything was great! Course was perfectly marked, volunteers were fantastic, directions for handlers were clear, everything clicked perfectly. Even when I had some issues (I forgot my bib number for the pre-race dinner), your team was super quick to resolve without hesitation and can-do attitude.

Every detail was accounted for, and the personal touch and genuine care of everyone involved was the cherry on top! And the great thing is that everyone had the same outstanding attitude. I work in the Customer Service area, and I know that any single individual can make or break the whole experience regardless of the amount of effort the rest of the team puts into it. In your race everyone had smiles on their faces, solutions and a proactive super positive approach. That's no coincidence. It starts from the very top.

As you can probably imagine I have asked questions to other RD in the past. :) Sometimes I get half-hearted replies without any greeting, or thank you, many other times with one liners such as "search our website" ... and those were the cases in which I did get a reply at all!
You were always kind, warm and understanding. Your team has a great leader to look up to.

I imagine it's challenging to organize a regular weekend-run-through-your-local-streets-5K race. I cannot even start to comprehend the amount of effort it takes to organize a 100 mile race through the woods, trails, dirt roads. To make things even more challenging, running through the night, making sure nobody gets lost.
Wow!! Coordination, support, logistics, food, stations, VOLUNTEERS, everything and everyone was superb!

It was also great to meet you at the finish line! I had some extra questions for you, but was soooo tired that I could hardly talk!! You got lucky!!! Jajajajaja!!

As a side comment, I have to find a way to train / mimic the trails and hills here in Miami. Distance and endurance wise I felt pretty well (as well as you can feel in a 100 miler!) but leg wise, those hills and trails destroyed me! In fact if you mention that you have a lost and found box. If you found a pair of quads, those are mine! I lost them at around mile 60!!!

Once again, thank you very, very much!!! And congratulations to you and everyone involved in the race!! I had a great time and my family did as well!

Warm regards
Guillermo H 

I would like to thank you and the other volunteers for doing a great job before, during, and after the race! It was my first Vermont and my 3rd 100 miler. Even though the course kicked my butt, I had a wonderful experience including my family who crewed for me. I started way to fast and my body and time suffered the last 20 miles. I personally wanted to thank you in person after the race but I could tell you were very busy so I didn't bother you. Thanks Amy! BTW, it was my family's first time to Vermont too......beautiful state!! We traveled from Huntsville, Alabama. Take care and great race and cause!! I would love to sign up again some day!
Steven C

Hi Amy,
First, thank you and all the volunteers for all the countless hour you all invested in putting on the Vermont 100. This was my eighth consecutive year running the race and I am truly grateful for the having the opportunity to participate in the event.

Your experience as a runner and enthusiasm is a huge asset as the RD. Also, thank you for accommodating me on Sunday morning by giving me my buckle at the finish line (allowed me to get home early to begin my family vacation).
Thank you, Dave S

You and the folks you repeatedly mentioned behind you did an awesome job. Huge thanks. I'm planning to come back. Keep trying for that buckle.
Jim D

Hello Amy,
We should be those who thank you.
Thank you for putting up such a great event, thank you for the course, the great food, the great volunteers, everything !
Hugging you and talking to you after completing the race was awesome. Greeting every finisher like you did... I mean, wow ! Did you know you are an amazing person ? I bet Brian knows... :-)
I'm looking forward to see you again next year. My sister loved the experience of crewing me so much that she's now planning to pace me in 2016...
Take care !
Frederic, the "knee-and-cyst guy"

Thank you so much. I am the Korean born American who took another chance (my 9th attempt) at finishing Vermont, but I took it WELL—the BEST—in not finishing since I had knee surgery on February 11, giving me no opportunities to train until May.

I will return for sure. You all have become such a family to me, as you might already assume from my nine times there since 2005. I return for VASS, the horses, I return for the tough and beautiful course, and most of all, I return for the people.
Not this year, but I've donated money for VASS since my son has taken part of that wonderful program!
See you there next year if not before.
Sincerely, Caroline W

Good morning, Amy!
Thanks again for a really great race! First time for 100K, and the epic views, great support, and awesome co runners are what I'll remember the most.
Loving the hat and shirt
Thanks again, and hope, when I'm ready for the 100m, will see you and the beautiful state of VT again.
From the Rockies:

Hey Amy!
Thanks so much for an incredible weekend! I had a great time and will be back for sure.
Thank you did an amazing job!! Jill P

Hi Amy –
Although my time sucked and I'm disappointed at my performance, I had a great time.
You did a bang up job organizing this year's race. I'm really proud to have helped out as best I could VASS. The reason I came back is again the reason I had such a great time – the volunteers and the race director. Well done to everyone involved.

Matt K (Amy’s note – this was our top fundraiser, who raised over $10,000 for Vermont Adaptive!)

Thanks for putting on a wonderful event in a gorgeous area. Thanks also to all the volunteers (at the aid stations and on the course) who made it easy for us runners to just stick to our task and run without worrying about anything else. We had a great time and hope to back to run the race and visit more of the area in the coming years.
Regards, Nattu

Hi Amy.
Just wanted to say thank you again for everything that you did not just for me but for the event this past weekend.

It was really, really awesome having my dad there. Given his health, him making this trip was definitely a stretch and I think it's safe to say it's the last time he'll be up to visit as a result.

Because of that, this weekend was all the more special. For me to dig deep and put on what was a great race for me with my dad there was huge, both for him and for me. We created a lot of very special memories over the weekend, and it wouldn't have happened without you and your team's hard work. Thank you so very much, it really means a lot to me.

I hope I can repay the favor someday, and hope you are getting some much needed rest.
-Jamie A
P.S. The new buckles are f&$%ing awesome!!!

2014 Testimonials 
I first want to thank all of you for making my second 100 miler such a remarkable experience. From the organization, course layout and markings, to the friendliness and helpfulness of every person involved in the race, it could not have been any better.
I hope to return to Brownsville next year, if not as a participant, then as a volunteer or pacer.
In my post-race haze, I forgot that I had not purchased hats. I wonder if there is a way to send you payment and a prepaid envelope for one of the cold weather caps and one of the ball caps.
I realize this is an imposition. If it's not too much trouble please let me know.
Again, thank you for one of the highlights of my running life.
Best regards, Thomas M

Hi Julia thank you so much for doing such a great job yet again at the VT100 you and your team do an amazing job to make that happen every year I have been lucky enough to be involved with this race over the past 8 years first pacing my friend Roy van Buren and the last 2 years running myself. Thanks again for everything!!  Leanne T

Oh my gosh, Deb! I can only imagine the amount of energy this drained  you of. However, as a participant, I can tell you first hand that you run an AMAZING event!! Hope you recover quickly ☺ I'll definitely be recommending VT100 to all of my running friends.
Thanks so much Deb, I'm proud to have have participated in such a premier event! Jason

I did the survey monkey survey, but wanted to drop you a personal note to say thanks. Although I DNF'd at 27 miles due to a nagging hip injury that reared it's ugly head and as those injuries are so oft to do, it had it's way. My first ever DNF, of which I am not proud, but what can you say. It is what it is. Enough whining.

You guys did such a great job with everything. My crew had a great time and really enjoyed their/our Vermont visit. I thought everything was very well organized and ran smoothly. Clearly the earmark of a top shelf RD. I could go on and on, but I know how busy you and your committee are with post race wrap up. I'm gonna get this hip rehabbed, rest some this fall and plan on running VT with my daughter next year. Thank you again. You Rock
Jim S

I DNF'ed this year, but at least I can still walk!
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting on such an awesome fracken event. It's been so fun volunteering, pacing, and bonking! I look forward to continuing to be a part of the race.Who do I get in touch with to sign up to volunteer at the VT50?
You guys seriously put on an amazing show. You are leaving a big role to fill as you step down. Take good care, Jeff

Julia, I forgot to include this on the post-run survey, but also many thanks to you & Vermont for the recognition you give the Grand Slam. Western States barely mentions it, and Leadville doesn’t at all, so on behalf of the entire Slam class, I want to say thank you for supporting our summer’s endeavors! God Bless, Brad

Thanks for a great event Julia! Certainly worth coming over from the UK for.
Thanks again! Best, Nick

Your race punched me in the face. I think I’m coming back next year to try and punch it back. JAgain, you guys are the best. Such a well-run event. So glad to be a part of it. Thanks Matt

I cannot thank you and your team enough for making me feel so welcome in Vermont and putting on a real special event.

The friendliness and mutual respect between runners and riders made the event for me, along with all of the friendly aid station volunteers and supportive crews along with the best marked course I have ever run, easy trail under foot so I could actually enjoy the views without tripping. It was just a superb weekend all round. You really have set Amy a high standard to follow! Best wishes to you and your family with the new challenges. Barry

Hi Julia!
PHENOMENAL job at the VT100 this year. It was truly a priviledge to be a part of it. The organization, hospitality, and event as a whole were really something special. THANK YOU for all you and the volunteers did to make this such a quality experience for we participants. This year's race at VT100 will always hold a very special place in my memory.

Thanks again for all you did to build and contribute to this class-A event. It seems you leave it in great hands with the new RD, but you should be very proud of what you accomplished in your time as RD. WELL DONE JULIA!
Sincerely, Jason E

Hi Julia:
Thank you SO much for doing such a fine job as RD, and for making July "the best time of the year" once again!!! You know, it's funny, but whenever I smell cut grass, or wood trails in the summer, or dirt roads, or horse farms, my first thought is "This smells like Vermont 100!". It seems that when you're living on the edge, aromas must get etched in the brain. I feel so fortunate to live life so fully, as I'm sure the folks that you help out through Vermont Adaptive do as well. It's all good.

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you at the race next year when you're a "civilian". Good luck with the family farm and of course with Mom-hood!
Regards, Dane

Hi Julie,
You did an amazing job - I am so impressed by everything.
The volunteers were so kind and helpful, on the course, in the kitchen, and just about everywhere.
The course, of course, was an absolute terror, but the lighting was FAB!! Really the whole think was fab. The pie plates looked incredibly like smiley faces as the night went on.
So, I had to leave, and I am sending you my info so I can get my, soon to be cherished, plaque :)
Thank you so much! Helen

Julia (and everyone else involved with the VT100),
Just wanted to again say thank you for what was easily the most memorable, beautiful and fun race of my life thus far. The VT100 was both my first time to Vermont and my first 100. I couldn't have asked for a better race. The terrain was spectacular, the volunteers and locals was kind and helpful, the weather was great and the event was very well done. I will always speak well of the state and the race and hope to be back one day. Thanks again. Tim K

Some people wonder how anyone can spend hours running and I always tell them I never get bored running trail races. There's always something to think about, and when you're around other runners or pacers, stuff to talk about.
On behalf of my crew Steve and Ginny S, my pacers Tina H and son Will and myself, thank you for a good time and your hard work. Steve and his son Jim have been involved with Vermont in various capacities before, but for this fairly new trail and ultra runner it was a first (both Vermont and a 100).
Enjoy your retirement (Julia)t! Jim R

First, I wanted to thank you for an amazing weekend. A well organized and run race and the volunteers were amazing. Thanks, Dawn M

I DNF'ed this year, but at least I can still walk!
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting on such an awesome fracken event. It's been so fun volunteering, pacing, and bonking! I look forward to continuing to be a part of the race.
You guys seriously put on an amazing show. You are leaving a big role to fill as you step down.
Take good care, Jeff

Dear VT100 Race Directors,

I ran your race last weekend and had a wonderful time, finishing my first 100 mile race. Your volunteers were wonderful and I'm sure you will see me at the race again.

However, there was one thing about the race that disturbed me greatly. The course was full of litter. The things I saw most frequently were Gu wrappers, cups, and batteries, but I saw all sorts of litter including toilet paper left behind by people who chose to defecate right beside the course, rather than choosing a more discrete location.

I am sure that this litter was left there by a minority of the participants, but nonetheless, it is not acceptable.  I am a Vermont resident and this is a beautiful state.  I would be furious if I lived near the race course and found litter near my property, or if I was a hiker that encountered residual litter on the course.

I understand that you have a team of very dedicated volunteers that go out after the race and clean up all this litter. I think that your diligence should be commended, but I also adamantly believe that some runners need to straighten up.

Participants in the race need to understand that we are privileged to have access to those 100 miles of road and trail and that access could be revoked. It would be a tragedy for such a great race to go away because a few people were too lazy or too uncaring to get their trash to a proper receptacle.

I would encourage you to adopt stronger rules that would punish people who litter along the course.  If cups and Gu wrappers are issues, perhaps they can be eliminated from the aid stations and every runner can be required to carry a bottle or hydration pack.  It is my opinion that deliberate littering
violations should be met with immediate disqualification, and in extreme cases, lifetime bans from the race.

I know that some runners, especially the guilty ones, may disagree with my suggestions.  But, it would be a tragedy if such a fine race were to disappear due to the greedy actions of a few runners.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of VASS and the ultra-running community.  I know that you have a difficult and frequently thankless job putting together such a logistically difficult event.

Damon Lease
Randolph, VT

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